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EYEFIX is offering routine comprehensive eye exams through tele-optometry provider 20/20NOW for ages 8 and up. 

When you show up for your appointment we will guide you through some preliminary testing with state of the art equipment to gather information for the optometrist. This testing will include non-dilated HD photos of your retina, a glaucoma test, images of the front of your eye and a few other tests you might remember from previous visits with your optometrist.

Next, a remote certified technician will appear on a screen to review some of the intake information with you and perform a vision test with our advanced equipment to determine your eyeglass and/or contact lens prescription.

All information is then being reviewed by one of our friendly optometrists, who will come on screen and talk to you about your eye health and answer all of your questions.

The 20/20NOW professionals are located in different states of the US and are all licensed for NH.

Are you interested in becoming a contact lens wearer? No problem! Our doctors can recommend a lens that fits your needs. We will train you on inserting, removing and care of your lenses.

Of course we welcome you to bring in your glasses or contact lens prescription from your doctor as well.

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